Thursday, March 31, 2011

Skateboarders Killing'It at Ultimate X 2011

Moses Adams, after the comp I asked him for couple extra hammers. He didn't even flinch...

Run'Up Clutter, Who is Next?

Justus Kotze stretching out a solid Smith grind

I did a semi-serious interview with a national TV news channel about a some current issues and the level of Skateboarding in South Africa. Still working on getting a copy, it has to be classic, a few cats from all over told me about seeing it air. I'll get my hands on it for sure...

The Boyz' did us proud...

Here is a short video of some of the skateboard handrail highlights...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

SIX 2011 - Cape Town International Tattoo Convention

A few of my friends (who were also featured in my book) are some of the top Tattoo Artist in South Africa. Here are images from this years Cape Town International Tattoo Convention.



The woman behind the SIX Tattoo'Con Manuela Gray

Taiwanese Tattoo Master Andy Shou

Japanese born Tattoo Legend Yushi Takei

Sunday, March 27, 2011

DJ Just Be...? Origin DBN 2011

I played in DBN last week, it was a really sick gig. I opened up for the City Bowl Mizers at Club Origin. Skullcandy SA hooked up a bunch of rad promo ish to give away (the stuff went faster than a Gorilla Biscuit song). Rumor has it even Poppa Dukes showed up for a bit during my set and jammed out in the back.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wes-Kus Missions Summer 2011

I have made a few surf missions up the West Coast this summer; this is where I have been lucky enough to stay and these are some of the waves I have been lucky enough to surf. Big thank you and nuff' respect to Alan Robb for being the main man!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rolling Retro With RVCA - Kicks off at Llandudno

RVCA South Africa recently put on a Retro Surf Jam with the help of Vudu'Surf and most of the Lands' Crew. It was a blast and had a really big turnout for such a low key surf/beach event. Big up to all the cats who showed up to see what was going down...

Andrew 'Roosta' Lange as Retro as they get now-a-days, paddling out on the Whitmore

Clive Barber '2-Hot-2-Trot' single fin (Shaped Oct. 2010)

Talking to Jordy about the new Clive Barber single fin

5 min. before the event starts, out the back big Liam paddles into the wave of the day and gets a sick barrel

Jordy all smiles after a session on this original 'Pottz' Spowy

Jordy Fins-Free Retro Blast

Jordy getting shacked while Roosta claims it on the inside

Same pit different angle

Jordy and Royden chilling w/ friends

Roosta feeling out a classic old Clive Barber

Some of the 'Crew'

Spectators w/ young RVCA ripper from 'Strand'

Robby McDonald (Vudu'Surf) the man who provided his retro board collection

Even Dallas'O pulled in for a sundowner to end the classic day of good vibes and fun surf...

Here is the link to a short video of the event on Wavescape by Alan Robb

Monday, March 21, 2011

'Some-Ting To Peep' Vol. 6

Things have been very analog lately, so the post have been lacking a bit. Have no fear, the goods are coming, I was up to some 'serious' active duty; missioning from the Wes-Kus to Northern Zulu Land in less then 3 weeks. My Dad was in South Africa for flash visit and I had not seen him in over 3 years so we did as much as we could in the short time he was here. I will be posting tons of stuff over the next 2 week so don't fret. For now, Peep this.....