Wednesday, June 30, 2010

DJ Just Be...? Rocks' the Freshest Beats at Adidas Three Stories for The Color Blue Letter 'A' Exhibition

I was hyped and privileged to recently play a set at the massive 'Three Stories' Adidas event going down in Cape Town over the 2010 World Cup. The event will host a number of art exhibitions over the five week period; as well as having a skateboard and entertainment area. In addition to a pimped out loft for soccer game viewings and after-parties. I was spinning wax at one of the bigger graffiti exhibitions called "The letter 'a' in the color blue". Check out some of the top class South African Graffiti artists who were selected to participate; artists like Rasty, Mak1one, Play, Conform, and Tyler B. Murphy to name a few. I also had a rad session on the mini ramp rollin' with Rob D & Wealz. Safe-

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Book-Pre-Print Video w/ Original Music by P.H.Fat (© Jared Aufrichtig)

Check out this short video I made for my book promotion, it shows some of the print process that most people don't see. While working on the production and printing phase of my book I have gained vast publishing knowledge and was quickly educated on how in-depth the whole print process is. The cats from P.H.Fat hooked me up with a splendid track that I knew would work, even before I started editing the clips. Big up for the beats...
Hope you enjoy,

Thursday, June 17, 2010

3 Stories Art Contributions, A Few New Things Are Created...

There are a number of exhibitions going down during the month long adidas Three Stories event, in addition there is a skateboard & entertainment area. As well as a tricked out loft complete with bar, couches, DJ setup and a big screen for soccer game viewings and after-parties. Here are a few of the pieces i did for 2 of the exhibitions (Papergirl and The Bin R250 Show). Lucky cats that go to the openings might find a few little surprises as well...

I am also rocking a set on the 1's and 2's for one of the bigger exhibitions (The letter 'a' in the color blue). I will clue in more details of the things that go down, events and what not...


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Definitive South African Youth Culture Book Is Almost Here!!!

On a recent trip to the printers, to sign off the last of the Litho plates, I found out that they were doing the first make ready's for the Komori Lithographic Printer that will be printing my book. This is one crazy piece of machinery, it coasts more then 50 Million Rand and took them almost the entire month of January to ship and assemble. It had to be moved in sections because of the size and weight as well as having to used a massive crane to get it in the factory. So when I saw the preliminary proof sheets being set up I got a bit excited and I was all over it in a heart beat. I got in there like a pro, checking the designs, color and bleed with the print master and crew like i was the big boss man. Over the last year I have learnt so much about the postproduction and printing process. I am so glad I ended up doing the whole thing myself, it might have been a ruff road but the path i have taken has been enlightening and educational to say the least. I will start launching the book at the end of the month with a series of launch events and exhibitions, fallowed by a small national book tour. Look out for the real deal ting' dropping soon until then I'll keep you posted.... Enjoy

Monday, June 7, 2010

Check Out This Record Find!!!

DJ Just Be...? added a few ultra rare classic punk albums to the wax collection recently. Found at a used vinyl shop in Muizenberg out side of Cape Town, South Africa. They are both O.G. pressings from 1977' none of that re-issue junk. So amped to drop these timeless tracks in a set or a new mix. Much thanks to the person who keep these vinyl pristine for such a long time for me and others to enjoy.
Big up,