Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Hooded Cape (Surf Image Slide Show Feature For Wavescape)

The Cape has seen some great summer surf lately, its cold at times but if you know the swell, winds, and peninsula you can get some fun ones for sure.

Check out this Slide Show Feature I did for Wavescape. Enjoy-

Slide Show Wavescape


The Hooded Cape

DJ Just Be...? Rocking @ D's B-Day Bash!!!

DJ Just Be...? was cutting it up at Darren's B-Day Bash when the Cops come and shut the party down. Guess we were jammin' and having too much fun.Fight The Power!!! Enjoy-

check out the you tube video click the link...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Mer-Skater Gal Is Created

Mer-Skater Gal was Created for this Exhibition/Event that Rust(a local skate shop) is having soon. I dig the idea and will probably elaborate on it and paint a canvas or something. When a date is set for the event/exhibition I will put something up, the one and only DJ Just Be...? is rumored to drop some beats at the opening. And that'll do, Safe-

Monday, February 15, 2010

Another Day At The Printers: The Final Stretch Is Here!!!

I went to the Printers twice last week and I'll go through today as well as later in the week. This has gone on for the past six to eight months. They say in the print biz for every ten pages the work and job load grows exponentially, so you can imagine what my 720 page book must have taken to make. But now we are finishing the final stages of the print process. I am printing my book with Formsxpress here in South Africa because I feel it will have more worth having been about, developed, designed, and made here in SA. I will be printing a 1000 (Litho)copies of the First Edition of my book; there will be two different cover variations. Both are limited editions and will be signed as well as individually numbered. In a few weeks I will get the first copies of the Deluxe Edition of the book (The African Luxury Edition designed by Kris Hewitt aka 'Kronk' will follow in a few months). The cover art for the Deluxe Edition was designed by Tyler B. Murphy with a little inspiration from me. There will be only 120 copies and it is looking, "Too Good, Too Good, Fantastic" (to quote Russell Peters).

There will be a Pre-Launch for all the cats involved and a massive Cape Town Launch as well as yes, an After Party for all u socialites and bash animals. Don't fret I'll keep all the people well posted... Safe-

Here is an image of one of the foil stamp blocks we got cut for the Deluxe Edton cover. The other images are a small number of the numerous proof sheets I have to sign off to be plated and prepped for print and a shot or two of some of the the stupidly expensive print equipment that will be used to print my book.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2010 SIX(Southern Ink Xposure) was a BUZZIN' weekend

The 2010 SIX (Southern Ink Xposure) Convention was held in Cape Town from the 22nd-24th of January and is currently the only international Tattoo convention in Africa. It was a jam pack weekend of Tattoo mayhem from exhibitions to parties to the strongly felt presence of an infamous angelic biker crew. Yours truly, the one and only DJ Just Be..? rocked a 1 hour special guest DJ set filled with simply the freshest (and a touch of ruffness'). Cats were loving it and all the homoies back in their stalls pieceing knew who had taken over the sound waves; Paul 'King of rock Tattoos' Booth (jokes brv!!) even cruzed over during my set so say he was feelin' the beats. I was super amped on that. I shot a bunch of rad images here are some of the bru's....

Tyler B. Murphy loving life at the Man's Ruin Afterparty and sketching away would be Rico Swanepoel and Buffy Bravehreat. The homie D' took a photo with my B&W camera of me droping beats. Props to some of the Tattoo Artist there were some real works of epidermal art going down as well......

I did a Photo Feature Slide show on some of the action that went down for check it out, click the image or the link. I am doing a Feature Article for My Culture Magazine and that will have the goods along with the real gems I shot over the weekend, so I'll let everyone know when its out so u can go buy it!!! Safe-

Monday, February 1, 2010

"Land of Da' Kom Skom" Skateboard Art Deck..... Cuz Life Happens When The Blog Doesn't

"Land of Da' Kom Skom" Skateboard Art Deck..... Cuz Life Happens When The Blog Doesn't

The guys at Baseline (Rad Skate shop in Cape Town) are going to have a Skateboard Art Exhibition/Event in the next month or so. I was amped to do a board, and got started last year. For a while now I have pushed to create these heavy blended skies that move and merge like Jazz. This piece was painted thick with exceptionally high quality oils and took almost 2 months to dry. I am very happy with the way it came out. When they get the date/venue confirmed I'll post more info. Dig to see what the other artist did (my board might actually have been the 1st one ready and turned in, that’s bad cuz it took so long to dry...cats lag). A friend back in the US wanted it but I made it for the show so they are out of luck. I can do another one for them when I get back that side but I am sure it will come out different. That's a real original ting'..... Fool!!!