Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mark Appleyard & Chris Haslam - Back in South Africa, for a bit of skateboarding and a whole lot more!!!

Mark Appleyard & Chris Haslam were in South Africa recently for the Globe SA Tour, this tour was also part of a Public Qualifier Series for the The Maloof Money Cup later in the year. We linked up a couple times for beers as well as had a few rad skate sessions. Chris Haslam is a classic dude and makes the funniest calls, not to mention he kills 'anything' on a skateboard. He has a copy of ('Expressions Book One South Africa') my big bad baby at his home in Canada - more on that soon.....

Mark Appleyard lives in Cali near my home town of LB and we know/knew a few of the same cats. He is super chilled out, even when he's throwing hammers on a useless wooden toy.

I got some top class images over the few days they were here but most are reserved for print media, here is a little bit of what went down.....

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