Monday, April 26, 2010

DJ Just Be...? 45' Mash Up Mix uploaded on Sound Cloud

I recently uploaded a short mix that goes through the vibes like they are going out of you know. Well, to me wax will always be top dog and always in style despite the trends and tech. I am constantly searching for new and used vinyl. This mix is 45's Only!!! Safe-

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rolling With RVCA Surf Event goes down in Cape Town and look who shows up to support the cause...

Check out this rad RVCA event that went down in Cape Town recently. I went through to show support for the RVCA crew and check out the whole vibe. Although I was feeling a bit broken from the night before, it was Wok's (Warwick Wright) Heaven and Hell party which was also a RVCA event and his b-day. I had a bit more to drink than initially intended because of the extra rounds with Jordy Smith and this devil we know, by the end I was handing off my drinks to buddies of mine only to find another one in my hand moments later. Anyway back to the surf event, it was fun and I suited up and went for a paddle twice that day with not much original intention of surfing. I was surfing my friend Chris Brehem's little single fin for a few weeks and it was the only working board in my car. The original Simon Anderson I was going to surf on, to my surprise was busted open down the rial. At least I got in the water and managed to throw some tail but it was mushy, windy and I was in ruff shape from the night before. One of my favorite surf board shapers and friend Ian Armstrong came out to surf the comp with Holly and Maxx, his two oldest kids (I have surfed some epic sessions and had good times with them). The three of them made it to the finals of their devisions and all placed in the top 3. It was small and onshore most of the day but some of the cats that came out for the comp could grovel with the best of them. Check out the feature on the ZigZag website for more info and some cool images of the bru's ripping. Big up to Chappypix for the images, Enjoy-

Sunday, April 18, 2010

2010 African Wave Art Collective Exhibition w/ vibes provided by DJ Just Be...?

The 2010 African Wave Art Collective Exhibition went down over the end of May. My friend/artist Chris Brehem and I, along with a number of other talented local artists, put on a small group exhibition in Scarborough staring the Ocean. Tons of people pulled through to check out the impressive artwork and the place was packed during the Friday night opening. DJ Just Be...? was dropping the freshest wax and keeping the vibe styling throughout the exhibition.

The work was all top class and it was good to see how the different styles could work together. I did a series of Seascapes particularly for this exhibition, oil on vinyl album covers (I think they came out rad I will def do more in the future).

To see some more images from the exhibition/opening as well as a few of the other artworks that were on display, check out the Slide Show Features I did...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

DJ Just Be...? joins the Cloud!!! The New Spot on the Interweb for the freshest beats and muisc. Sound Cloud

There is this new site called it's rad for beats, mixes, and music. I uploaded a sweet little live vinyl mix that was recorded on one of those mad Tuesday nights last year at Julip Bar during Swapping Stories, a crazy little weekly sound system jam we had. I will be adding much more stuff soon, I need to compress a few of the tracks/mixes so I can upload them. But here is a good one to keep you going. Check it out, enjoy-

DJ Just Be...? rockin' the 1's and 2's Live @ Julip Bar in Cape Town. With some Blues, Funk, Jazz, Soul, Reggae, and more. A great mix of chilled out vibes, Enjoy-