Saturday, July 31, 2010

Going Rogue In J-Bay, The World Cup Aftermath...

Things are most interesting of late, So the book is done and printed. I will be picking up a few fresh new copies to do some select leak promotion; as well as giving out a number of OG Litho' plates from the book. My dirt cheep cellphone gets stolen at this Adidas gig I play in Cape Town. Who cares, yah? Wrong, I lost over 500 cell phone numbers that were on that phone with 2 memory cards full. So if your in South Africa and I had your phone number chances are I don't any more so call me. I did a SIM swap and got the same number so thats a plus I guess. Shortly after that my internet got capped for the month and that was it. I am off the grid and out of communication for a few days. I start to bug out a bit and then it dawns on me. Time for J-Bay...

I am glad to say it has been a ride to remember, and its not over.

I sold out of the first batch of books (intended for reactions and leek promo) and had to get my publishers to courier up another small batch asap. One more notch on their belt, and another 'Big Up' to Formsxpress.

If your lucky enough to find me in J-Bay maybe you could get copy (Or check out the new hotspot to chow near Supers called Nina's, they bought one to put on display). Otherwise you will have to 'chill-axe' and be a good sport like the rest. I will have some class web distribution up in a jiffy in addition to a few killer exhibition/launch events across South Africa over the next few months. Cape Town is first up and its going to be one for the history books.

Until I come back from the Wild and Unknown,

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"The Boyz Are Bleeding For My Book", As I Finish Printing The Last Pages and Make Some Final Corrections

I watch in anticipation as the last pages of my book roll off the massive Litho' Press. Could I be ever so close to the real finished product? I spent more than a year on post production getting everything sorted and dialed in. Along the way learning about the entire printing process and how in depth it is. I needed to make a last minute materials change on the Deluxe Edition cover art because it was not looking super-duper fresh enough. Now it looks top class, almost too good. Cats are going to flip out when they see the OG hand styles. These are a few of the boyz in the factory that helped make my book. While printing the last few pages of my book, one of the guys busted his eye wide open. He slammed into one of the big machines and got knocked out; he had to go to the hospital only to return to work later that day to help finish printing the final section. Now that is the kind of commitment I wish most people had. Big up to all the people at Formsxpress who helped in the production of my book. The Final Stretch is here.... Enjoy-

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Strap a Really Expensive Camera To My Chest and See What Happens at Adidas Originals - Three Stories Cape Town (Video Clip)

For the past 5 weeks Adidas Originals has turned the Woodstock Industrial Centre into a massive 2010 World Cup Soccer viewing area and hipster loitering zone. The place has basically turned into a home where artists, sculptors, photographers and general trendsetters link up to watch the games, cool out and have a blast. Three Stories played host to six different Art Exhibitions, a top class mini-ramp downstairs, HD projector screen upstairs, free-flowing freshly-popped popcorn, a good selection of booze, homemade food, as well as live acts and DJ's rocking out just for kicks'. I played a few different roles over the more than month long event; I DJ'ed a few gigs (like at one of the main Graffiti Exhibitions) as well as helped host a couple fun skateboard events. In addition to my normal photo/jurno antics I was a contributing artist to a few of the exhibitions. During the first week I helped the film crew shoot some great skate footage on the mini-ramp. They strapped a very pricey high end digital SLR to my chest and had me skate the mini-ramp. The footage came out too sick, and i will make sure I get the raw clips from them. But in the mean time here is the short promo video for the event. Enjoy-