Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thermopylae Turns On (Video Feature for

Here is a video feature I did for of a Cape Town left point called Thermopylae. It turned on for a while and I was there to catch a bit of the action. For more than a week the Cape has enjoyed fun summer surf and a few days of solid swell. The video has some fresh beats by yours truly DJ Just Be...?
Check it out.

Cape Summer Swell Surprise (Image Slide Show on

For more then a week the Cape has seen great surf; and I shot a few classic images as well as surfed numerous times. I did a slide show feature for showing some of recent waves.

My Friend Leon Botha's Exhibition Opening 13th Jan. 2010 Who am I ? Transgressions

On the 13th of January 2010 I went to an exhibition opening for my friend Leon Botha. He and Gordon Clark have completed the first phase of a great project the two have been working on for some time. It was nice to see the images Leon and Gordon had been talking about for a while; I had only seen a few of them small and low res on the net. The images were powerful and captivating, I look forward to seeing more of their work especially the canvas images Leon has painted over. Here are a few film images I took at the opening, the last two images are from this angle I was getting of all my DJ bru’s outside (this drunk guy helping me could not get the flash right so I was a bit over shooting it). Respect to Leon, Big up. Enjoy-

Here is some more info from the press release...

Leon Botha is one of the longe
st living persons with Progeria, Greek for rapid aging. Born in Cape Town, he is 24 years old, an artist and musician.

This body of work is a collaborative and artistic adventure for two artists, two strangers, two very different people, who, in the meeting of spirit, beyond the parody of flesh, discover a commonality.Through them we learn not to lament Leon’s life and journey, but to celebrate them.

The key theme which runs through Who Am I?-Transgressions is mortality and immortality and how we live our lives within the time we have, which, Leon argues, is in any event, transient for all of us.How shall we be judged? How shall we judge?

The two artists empathetically dare, and dare us to transgress and disrupt the order and comfort of life and explore the idea of what it means to be human.
And examine the most important question - the condition of mankind?
What is normal…and what is not? What does dark mean? How near am I to it and from it?
“I want to show reality, not hide it “ says Clark “and Leon is the perfect metaphor for doing this. He shows up both the fragility, the light and the dark, of which we are all part, and of which, we are all made”

All these images are shot on medium format and 4x5 film

Visit Sunday Times article by Lin Sampson

Friday, January 15, 2010

Mini-Ramp Gathering (06th Jan. 2010)

Cape Town is a rad place to chill out in the summer, and some of the top skaters from all over come down to enjoy the vibes. Jamie from dope ind. and a few of the boyz recently built a really nice tight little mini-ramp at an undisclosed warehouse in Woodstock. Cats pulled through to have a skate on the warm summer night; here is a short video clip of some of the stuff that went down that evening.
06th January 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010 - Features - SKATEBOARDING & GRAFFITI IS NOT A CRIME ROUND 2 DBN

Sandy’s Solo Session (8th Jan. 10')

A solid ground swell hit Cape Town on Friday the 8th of Jan. There was a bit of morning sickness but I could see the long interval pulses coming through Sea Point from my place. Keen to find a wave but not really expecting much I set out with Deon Victor to check a few spots. As we passed an indicator beach on our way to the usual local town breaks I notice the wind had switched from SW to SE and most of the spots could not handle the swell (+\- 5 meters @ 16 sec). We get to Sandy Bay and decide to try our luck and go for a quick paddle; it’s about a 20-minute walk from the car. As we walk around the last bend of path before the beach I see 3 surfers exit the water. Slowly making our way across the long drawn out beach another 2 boogie boarders get out of the water leaving no one left in the water. As we scramble to stretch and get out there perfect offshore overhead peaks break un-ridden up and down the beach. We surfed for almost an hour by ourselves before being joined by a few guys. Normally on a decent day there would be over 20 bru’s in the water. After a good 3-hour surf, a few solid barrels, and an air drop to double pit spit out with a bunch of dudes hooting on the shoulder I was happy, content, and ready to make the trek back to reality. All in all I was pleased and grateful to surf such a super fun session with excellent surf and so little kooks out n the water… Actually I needed it!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

DJ Just Be...? Opens up for People Under The Stairs

Yours truly,
DJ Just Be..?
Went to Durban, South Africa (in Nov. 09') to rock an opening set for Underground Hip-Hop legends People Under The Stairs. After wrongfully being served military detainment passes on their overseas flight, PUTS moved the gig to the next weekend. So I was suck in Durban for an extra week, surfing the warm water, skating with Braxton Haine (one of DBN's best young pros and a good friend I was staying with), visiting Bruce Gold during his short stay in Albert Luthuli Central, and sorting out stuff for my event\exhibition in Durban the next month. Anyways... I was happy and honored to play with PUTS; especially because I had gone to maybe a dozen of their shows back in the day in Cali and knew Thes One and Double K for a few years in the late 90's before they blew up huge all over the world. The flyers were rad, Akio had to work too hard, the Boyz were super amped on their short time in SA, the venue was nice\personal, and the pep's were gong bananas'. I had to play over 40 min. longer then I was meant to, but the vibe was getting mad live so I was kool with it. Loads of people gave me props' on my set even Thes One, Double K, Akio, and the club owner Athos (I dropped 90% classic underground Hip-Hop banggers' only and it was one of the better sets I played the whole year). By the time I got off the decks' the place was packed, there were even people moshing in the front. PUTS played all the classic tacks and some new stuff. Those lucky enough to get tickets got a real treat (a little over 200 people). Big up People Under The Stair keen to link up when I am back in the states...
Good Times


SKATEBOARDING & GRAFFITI IS NOT A CRIME Round 2 DBN is a slide show from my event\exhibition on The Bomb Surf

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