Monday, January 11, 2010

Sandy’s Solo Session (8th Jan. 10')

A solid ground swell hit Cape Town on Friday the 8th of Jan. There was a bit of morning sickness but I could see the long interval pulses coming through Sea Point from my place. Keen to find a wave but not really expecting much I set out with Deon Victor to check a few spots. As we passed an indicator beach on our way to the usual local town breaks I notice the wind had switched from SW to SE and most of the spots could not handle the swell (+\- 5 meters @ 16 sec). We get to Sandy Bay and decide to try our luck and go for a quick paddle; it’s about a 20-minute walk from the car. As we walk around the last bend of path before the beach I see 3 surfers exit the water. Slowly making our way across the long drawn out beach another 2 boogie boarders get out of the water leaving no one left in the water. As we scramble to stretch and get out there perfect offshore overhead peaks break un-ridden up and down the beach. We surfed for almost an hour by ourselves before being joined by a few guys. Normally on a decent day there would be over 20 bru’s in the water. After a good 3-hour surf, a few solid barrels, and an air drop to double pit spit out with a bunch of dudes hooting on the shoulder I was happy, content, and ready to make the trek back to reality. All in all I was pleased and grateful to surf such a super fun session with excellent surf and so little kooks out n the water… Actually I needed it!!!

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