Sunday, January 30, 2011

RedBull NightShift Featuring Jordy Smith and Friends Goes Down in Camps Bay with Flying Success!

Jordy Smith was chilling in Cape Town for a while in January enjoying the summer vibes before heading out to begin the 2011 WCT. Seeing as he finished off last year 2nd in the world to the 10-time Champion Phenom known a Kelly Slater, RedBull decided to give him a little treat for having such a bad-ass year. And thus gave birth to the RedBull NightShift held in Camps Bay on the 9th of Jan, 2011. Jordy along with seven of his good friends had a blast in the dark, literally. Boosting Airs into the evening using tons of floodlights; they had Jet-Skies pulling and whipping them into knee high shore-break.

I don't think anyone could have anticipated the huge turnout for this inaugural event. Smith's surf buddies who joined him in the water were: Craig Anderson, Damien Fahrenfort, Ricky Basnett, Travis Logie, Rudy Palmboom Jr, Warwick Wright and Royden Bryson. I shot a few med-format portraits of Jordy prior to the event and a few images before the sun and light were gone. After sunset I shot a few video clips that I will be editing together into something good. Here is a bit of what went down...

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