Thursday, March 25, 2010

Perceptions of Summer Surf Part 2 - Image Slide Show Feature for

The Cape has seen a summer of consistent classic surf, one of the best in many years. Check out the second edition of a surf image slide show feature I did for called Perceptions of Summer Surf Part 2. It has a bit more of the fun clean waves we have enjoyed in and around Cape Town over the past few months. I am keen to get a few more before winter goes into full swing, cuz then its really game on!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rust T-Shirt Exhibition and KFD Seek & Destroy Tour Party w/ DJ Just Be...?

Rust, a local Cape skate shop, had a top notch t-shirt exhibition opening on the 18th. The same night as the KFD Seek and Destroy Tour party. Free beers, rad t-shirt designs, and touring KFD team were in the mix. With the freshest beats provided by DJ Just Be..? cats couldn't help but have a blast and almost finished the free booze. All in all it was a great night and some good times. I am amped to get my 337 t-shrit when they are printed, big up ANOY!!! Safe-

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Perceptions of Summer Surf - Image Slide Show Feature for

Check out the surf image slide show feature I did for called Perceptions of Summer Surf. It has a small taste of the fun clean surf we've had on tap for the past few weeks. The Cape has been super warm and does not look like it will cool down for another few weeks so any swell and light offshore winds are more then welcome. I hope that there is more to come... Enjoy-

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

DJ Just Be...? Droppin' Beats at Pro-X 2010

I played at the Pro-X both days over the weekend, it was ridiculously warm to say the least. The event was a blast and I met some cool new cats to link with. I played the freshest tunes for over seven hours (from the RB Truck) on Saturday but think I got heatstroke because I woke up on Sunday at 3 am sweating like crazy, shivering cold, and feeling like shit. Sunday was even hotter, if that is even possible, I played for about four hours but this time it was in the shade and way more chilled out. Here are a few shots of me on the wheels of steal and a rad angle I got of the BMX front flip that is in the more in depth event feature on Wavescape, click the link. Enjoy-

Pro-X cooks in Cape Town Feature on Wavescape

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Hooded Cape Part 2 (Surf Image Slide Show Feature For Wavescape)

Summer waves are always welcome especially when things start to heat up. With a more than week long heatwave as well as some light winds and a couple of swell pulses you can bet I made time to surf and shot some images.

Check out this Slide Show Feature I did for Wavescape. Enjoy-

Slide Show Wavescape


The Hooded Cape Part 2

Friday, March 5, 2010

John Robinson (aka Lil Sci) Lays It Down In Cape Town

Underground Hip-Hop artist John Robinson aka Lil Sci came through to Cape Town to do a show at the Bar/Club Zula'. I have listened to him for while now, from around the time he started working with MF Doom. His rhyme style is proper and he does not go on and on about bull shit, most of the time he has something good to say. Unlike me, at this moment in time.... Bla Bla Bla, go get some of his music or better yet see one of his live shows. I went through to check out the vibe and get a few images for this Underground Hip-Hop Book I am working on (hush hush!- sorry, it will be another 5 plus year of shooting before it is done). While I was there I got a few things signed, the vinyl if for me beacuse DJ Just Be...? really digs to spin artist taged wax its the biz'. The other things like the album jacket might end up with a frined or on ebay, jokes(but who knows). Here are a few rad images that are not for the book. Enjoy-

Monday, March 1, 2010

Ultimate X Goes Down As A Heater' and DJ Just Be...? Rocks' Da Party!!!

Ultimate X 2010 went down on the 20th of Feb. It was a blistering hot Cape Town summer day. DJ Just Be...? was dropping beats in the heat for hours. It was hotter in the DJ booth of that black metal RB truck than it was outside, and it was one of the hottest days this year. The wheel's of steel where so hot that my vinyls started melting half way through playing the track. It was not that chill, I had to switch to my computer and the CD's for the rest of my set. Cats did not mind though, the commentator was going on and on about the tunes and a lot of people told me they were really feeling it. There was this busted little mini ramp that I skated a few times, it was fun, but again it was a bit too warm for anything let alone a full out session. A few of the top SA skaters showed up for a little street jam/comp thing. I shot a few clips on this little digital camera, click the link below to check the short vid I uploaded. All in all it was a rad gig and the people that came through had a blast. Here are a few rad photos this guy shot of me and a few that I snapped with my little digi. The FMX flip, a BMX whip, da Jack Parrow tip, and Me cuz I rip!!! Jokes... Safe-