Friday, March 5, 2010

John Robinson (aka Lil Sci) Lays It Down In Cape Town

Underground Hip-Hop artist John Robinson aka Lil Sci came through to Cape Town to do a show at the Bar/Club Zula'. I have listened to him for while now, from around the time he started working with MF Doom. His rhyme style is proper and he does not go on and on about bull shit, most of the time he has something good to say. Unlike me, at this moment in time.... Bla Bla Bla, go get some of his music or better yet see one of his live shows. I went through to check out the vibe and get a few images for this Underground Hip-Hop Book I am working on (hush hush!- sorry, it will be another 5 plus year of shooting before it is done). While I was there I got a few things signed, the vinyl if for me beacuse DJ Just Be...? really digs to spin artist taged wax its the biz'. The other things like the album jacket might end up with a frined or on ebay, jokes(but who knows). Here are a few rad images that are not for the book. Enjoy-

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