Monday, February 28, 2011

Green Pop Goes Artistic

A few weeks ago, I helped out Green Pop with a reverse graffiti campaign. It was for a good cause, very creative and a lot of fun. We used a high pressure water-hose on walls near the main foot traffic area of UCT.

I made a real Hand-Cut (Hand-Drawn) Stencil to test out, the cardboard did not last long against the high pressure water-hose but it still came out looking fresh and don't worry you will be sure to see it again, its getting vectored...

Misha - Green Pop's Main-Man

Here is a really cool video that was shot during the day, it shows a bit more of the process -

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or better yet,

Help the cause go to....

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Two In The Shirt Africa (T.I.T.S.) Launch Event Goes Off With A Bang - DJ Just Be...? Brings The Noise

DJ Just Be...?
Rocking an over 4 hour set on the top floor,
(the vibe was so rad) it was packed all night. The people seriously wouldn't go home, they had to be thrown out!

Above Images By

This photo is from a slide show of the event on


Here is a link to the Launch Event Video
(I'm in there somewhere)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Verb South Africa Introduces Skateboard Collectors' Zine - B&W KRONK Image by Yours Truly

Verb (A South African Skateboard Company) has introduced their very own collectors’ zine featuring interviews and artwork by collaborating South African artists 35-ten-73, Bison, Chemistry101, Theory One, Bruce Mackay, Black Koki, Kronk, Louis Minnaar, Wesley van Eeden, Christian Mugnai, Alice Edy and Jordan Metcalf. In addition to articles on skateboarders Leon Bester, Simon Stipcich, Dennis Collins and a feature on
 I Love Screenprinting Studio. These zines are available exclusively through Revolution stores across South Africa as well as through their online store,, when you purchase any Verb item (valid while stocks last). Zines are limited to only 300 copies; so go out an get your hands on one, if you can… Safe-

The Image,

The Article,

This is the original image we shot a few months back, I must have at least 3 more super classic ones from this shoot.

The Skateboard and range of T-Shirts Designed by Kronk

A Limited Edition Poster that was part of a Poster and Skateboard Art Exhibition

Here is a link to some of his stuff on Flickr and the Kronk Studios FB page...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

'The Beat' Mash Up Cape Town and Less Than Two Weeks Later I Stumble Across Their 1st Album On Wax In Durban...

'The Beat' (known in North America as The English Beat) were formed in Birmingham, England in 1978, during a period of high unemployment and social upheaval in the UK. They are a 2 Tone Ska band who's songs fuse Ska, Soul, Reggae, and Punk Rock.

I had the opportunity to cover their Nov. show in Cape Town, it was a classic performance and I linked with the band for a bit after the show. Ranking Roger was a 'spot on chap' and his son Ranking Junior has got jokes, not to mention he is a sly one with the ladies.

A local print music guide was doing a review and needed an image, this friend of mine hit me up last min because they didn't have decent pictures to supply the mag. So I sent them 2 or 3 images before leaving for DBN, they used one of them but I was not around when the mag was out. While in DBN funny enough I found their 1st Album on Vinyl for like 20 Rand (about 3 Dollars) at a pop-up record shop.

When I got back another friend had cut out the article and saved it for me. Here it is along with a few other images of the night. I will be uploading a Funky-Bad'Man Vinyl Mix next week with one of the rad tracks until then,


Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Few New 1's - Scarborough Driftwood Oil Paintings

I have been doing Oil Seascapes on Driftwood for a while now, I find the wood surfing up and down the shores of the globe. These are a few I painted the last time I had a good run of inspiration. Enjoy-