Wednesday, February 23, 2011

'The Beat' Mash Up Cape Town and Less Than Two Weeks Later I Stumble Across Their 1st Album On Wax In Durban...

'The Beat' (known in North America as The English Beat) were formed in Birmingham, England in 1978, during a period of high unemployment and social upheaval in the UK. They are a 2 Tone Ska band who's songs fuse Ska, Soul, Reggae, and Punk Rock.

I had the opportunity to cover their Nov. show in Cape Town, it was a classic performance and I linked with the band for a bit after the show. Ranking Roger was a 'spot on chap' and his son Ranking Junior has got jokes, not to mention he is a sly one with the ladies.

A local print music guide was doing a review and needed an image, this friend of mine hit me up last min because they didn't have decent pictures to supply the mag. So I sent them 2 or 3 images before leaving for DBN, they used one of them but I was not around when the mag was out. While in DBN funny enough I found their 1st Album on Vinyl for like 20 Rand (about 3 Dollars) at a pop-up record shop.

When I got back another friend had cut out the article and saved it for me. Here it is along with a few other images of the night. I will be uploading a Funky-Bad'Man Vinyl Mix next week with one of the rad tracks until then,


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