Sunday, August 26, 2012

"Passé!" Monet said when burning his old work Now time for change- Goodbye Blog

Sorry Blog,
   I'm Busy, Traveling and Immersed in my creativity...
I apologize for never really posting the goods,
 you did serve the purpose.
I will push to do better with the ambiguous self-promotion and slowly I will open up my work and my blessed creative life to the internet. 
  Although it will not be on here..... 
I have a myriad of other exploits on this vast facade we call the World Wide Web.
The link below will take you to a few. Besides Monet said it for me.  Enjoy-
... as a nice farewell because not all of you can go to NYC and get in a Drake / Chris Brown / Rihanna hang out... (only jokes) as well as it kind of depicts the state the world is in, here is an image from one of the final stages to my entrance mural and installation at WIP NYC.
this is a piece of my -
"Circus Economy Carny Photo Booth"