Monday, May 31, 2010

Falko's Solo Exhibition

Falko is one of the illustrious South African graffiti artist featured in my book, recently he had a big solo exhibition in Cape Town. He has been in the graffiti game for over twenty years and it shows in his style, technique, and approach. Here are a few images from the exhibition opening, in addition to a photograph I took of him in a shantytown with one of his rural urban pieces. Enjoy-

This is a link to his site...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Don't Flip Your Lid- Original Vinyl Remix by DJ Just Be...? (Feat. Ben Sharpa, MG, and Fungus) Live @ NY Rev. III 1-01-08

I uploaded a new track to SoundCloud. This is from a Live New Years Set i did in 08' featuring some of South Africa's freshest MC's. The whole set was recorded live as well as filmed by a professional crew and I am pushing to get hold of the video footage so i can make a rad DVD mix tape. But in the meantime enjoy this track...

Don't Flip Your Lid- Original Remix by DJ Just Be...? (Feat. Ben Sharpa, MG, and Fungus) Live @ NY Rev. III 1-01-08


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kronk's Nike Bleed Your Colors Launch Event Kicks Down!!!

My friend Kris Hewitt Aka Kronk (who is one of the artist involved in my book about South Africa and helped design the artwork for the Limited Edition Cover) was recently part of a massive worldwide Nike special edition artist range. Six artists from around the world were picked to design a new range to match their country. Nike has selected six of the worlds premier artists and matched them up with the national football teams they hail from, giving them the chance to rock out some fresh design to a classic range. Each artist contributes a badge, mascot, pattern and alphabet in their own style. Some of the other renowned artists involved include Delta from The Netherlands and Mr. Cartoon from The United States. Kronk was picked to rep South Africa, the host country for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Nike opened their pockets for the launch event at ShelfLife, which was a closed exclusive event with a decent open bar. Kris was posted up at this table on the second floor signing and doodling most of the night. It was chaos but good times for sure, he doodled a few cool little canvases which ended up getting stolen off the wall as well as this girl who brought her own only to have it taken out her backpack less than hour after he sketched it for her. I could see that stuff ending up on e-bay someday. There were lots of who's who at the event and cats did not hesitate to drink the open bar dry. I met this rad English guy named Chris Rawlinson who is one of the biggest, baddest bloggers on the planet. He seemed amped to check out my book and come to a launch/ exhibition next month. We spoke for a bit about the BS going down in SA and he shot a pic of me taking a B&W photo of him. I shot a few portraits of him in front of this big Kronk/ Nike design as well a some rad images showing some of the nights crazy antics. Tyler B. Murphy the other artist who help me design the Deluxe Edition Cover for my book also made a guest appearance and end up having to do a few doodles as well, coincidentally but funny as f-ck. And if you still don't know who Kronk is here are a few of the Dunnys he has done for Kid Robot; each one has sold out world wide in less than a few days (this set alone would sell for a few thousand easily). Big up Kris,

Keep Kronkin'


This is a link to a really well done Nike/Kronk promo video-

Here are some images/info on the Kronk and Mr. Cartoon "True Colors" Nike Dunk Shoe-

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Retire The Old Red!!! Big up Brian Schaefer (Skate Park Of Tampa)

Last year I went to Durban a few times for work and play. Dallas Oberholzer (Indigo Skate Camp) gave me a heads up that some guys were there from overseas to do an event/social development at the camp in the township area of Valley Of A 1000 Hills outside Durban. I had been there a few times over the years and watched it build and grow from dirt paths with wood sheets angled at the ends to having a full sized half pipe with vert extension, and there are even talks of building a concrete bowl. So I rock up to Dallas's place to meet Thomas Kring and Brian Schaefer (Skate Park Of Tampa) for the first time and there is mega drama going down. Some kind of bullshit politics with these crazy cats from the township. So after a few hours of debating we take off for the camp but without the skating bushman. It was such a rad day and we must have given out boxes of shoes, hats, skateboards, toothpaste, etc. It was so cool to hook up all those little underprivileged kids, we also had a kiff braai (BBQ)and the sickest sundown skate on the ramps. During the chaos of throwing out all the gear and product we came across this trippy old Black Label skate deck. I told Brian that board was my kind of style, and none of the kids would go near the thing, so he gave me the board on the condition that I actually skate it (he also wanted to see some images sent to him as proof). Well, it took me about 8 months to get the board back from the Dallas void but after that it was on! I have skated this board sideways and actually progressed a lot on it, I have ridden out of a few smiths and feeble grinds as well as adding lip-slides to my everyday trick arsenal. I am all about tranny' now bowls, pools, mini-ranps, etc. thats my shiz. So with out sounding too soft, mega props and big up to Brian Schaefer for the board and good times, you really got me back into loving the roll. Here are some of the best images of me ripping that board, I am hanging the board up for a while cuz it is special to me and i just got this sick Santa Cruz re-issue Salba Trippy-Tiger pool deck and some ultra wide DW Indy's. Until we link again which might be sooner than you think if i can get one of the South African rippers featured in my book to get out to one of your Pro/Am comps.... Thank you, more times, Safe-

Monday, May 17, 2010

Weskus Bru!!! Get Your Kicks On Route 27

I got the call to go on a little mid week surf mission up the Weskus (West Coast of South Africa). It had been a while since I scored good waves without the chaos of all the kooks and agro' show-offs with no style. So when I got the call (from Alan Robb) and the swell & weather looked promising it was a no questions on it!!! We lagged a bit getting out of town so by the time we got there it was early afternoon and I was frothing. The swell was still filling in and the wind was getting lighter and cleaner by the minute so I decided to shoot a few images and give the set up a once over. It was over a year since my last surf at this beautiful wave and I was going to take my time and enjoy it. As the tide hit low I put away the camera and paddled out for a super fun evening surf with about ten guys in the water, most who I knew from around the Cape. I surfed well into dark with the swell slowly building. I got up at the crack of dawn to find a glassy color fill sea and took full advantage of the morning light. That was until a solid pulse of swell came out of nowhere and fired down the point(bigger then anything the day before). I hustled to the spot to suit up and was back with in minutes.What a surf, we were trading off waves for hours. About 4 hours into the surf Alan comes down to shoot a few with his digi' of course the swell had backed off a bit by then and my legs felt like I was in a dead-leg contest with an older sibling something, putty!!! I got in a few gouges and that was that.....

I did a nice slide show feature for Wavescape, check it out, make sure to click the icon in the middle of the slide show player to zoom in and see each image full frame (otherwise the player crops the image significantly and it does not look nearly as good as the original)