Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kronk's Nike Bleed Your Colors Launch Event Kicks Down!!!

My friend Kris Hewitt Aka Kronk (who is one of the artist involved in my book about South Africa and helped design the artwork for the Limited Edition Cover) was recently part of a massive worldwide Nike special edition artist range. Six artists from around the world were picked to design a new range to match their country. Nike has selected six of the worlds premier artists and matched them up with the national football teams they hail from, giving them the chance to rock out some fresh design to a classic range. Each artist contributes a badge, mascot, pattern and alphabet in their own style. Some of the other renowned artists involved include Delta from The Netherlands and Mr. Cartoon from The United States. Kronk was picked to rep South Africa, the host country for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Nike opened their pockets for the launch event at ShelfLife, which was a closed exclusive event with a decent open bar. Kris was posted up at this table on the second floor signing and doodling most of the night. It was chaos but good times for sure, he doodled a few cool little canvases which ended up getting stolen off the wall as well as this girl who brought her own only to have it taken out her backpack less than hour after he sketched it for her. I could see that stuff ending up on e-bay someday. There were lots of who's who at the event and cats did not hesitate to drink the open bar dry. I met this rad English guy named Chris Rawlinson who is one of the biggest, baddest bloggers on the planet. He seemed amped to check out my book and come to a launch/ exhibition next month. We spoke for a bit about the BS going down in SA and he shot a pic of me taking a B&W photo of him. I shot a few portraits of him in front of this big Kronk/ Nike design as well a some rad images showing some of the nights crazy antics. Tyler B. Murphy the other artist who help me design the Deluxe Edition Cover for my book also made a guest appearance and end up having to do a few doodles as well, coincidentally but funny as f-ck. And if you still don't know who Kronk is here are a few of the Dunnys he has done for Kid Robot; each one has sold out world wide in less than a few days (this set alone would sell for a few thousand easily). Big up Kris,

Keep Kronkin'


This is a link to a really well done Nike/Kronk promo video-

Here are some images/info on the Kronk and Mr. Cartoon "True Colors" Nike Dunk Shoe-

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