Friday, February 25, 2011

Verb South Africa Introduces Skateboard Collectors' Zine - B&W KRONK Image by Yours Truly

Verb (A South African Skateboard Company) has introduced their very own collectors’ zine featuring interviews and artwork by collaborating South African artists 35-ten-73, Bison, Chemistry101, Theory One, Bruce Mackay, Black Koki, Kronk, Louis Minnaar, Wesley van Eeden, Christian Mugnai, Alice Edy and Jordan Metcalf. In addition to articles on skateboarders Leon Bester, Simon Stipcich, Dennis Collins and a feature on
 I Love Screenprinting Studio. These zines are available exclusively through Revolution stores across South Africa as well as through their online store,, when you purchase any Verb item (valid while stocks last). Zines are limited to only 300 copies; so go out an get your hands on one, if you can… Safe-

The Image,

The Article,

This is the original image we shot a few months back, I must have at least 3 more super classic ones from this shoot.

The Skateboard and range of T-Shirts Designed by Kronk

A Limited Edition Poster that was part of a Poster and Skateboard Art Exhibition

Here is a link to some of his stuff on Flickr and the Kronk Studios FB page...

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