Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Blog Is Born...

The year was 2010,

And thus gave birth to the Blog...

1st off to ever
yone, best wishes in the new year.

There has\w
ill be a myriad of creative things going down for me and all the cats I work\play with.

It's going to be updated as often as I can, but I push to keep mad busy as well as stay inspired and creative (and internet admin is not on the top of my list).

But Check it out for the Freshest Content. I'll Post Updates on Art -
Music- Surf - Skate - Events - Exhibitions - Shows - Art Shows - Projects - Promos - Releases - Mixes - Gigs - Articles - Features - Photos - Links - and a plethora of other rad stuff!!!

Thanks for your time. Stop by whenever you like....

Big up

Jared Aufrichtig

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