Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Strap a Really Expensive Camera To My Chest and See What Happens at Adidas Originals - Three Stories Cape Town (Video Clip)

For the past 5 weeks Adidas Originals has turned the Woodstock Industrial Centre into a massive 2010 World Cup Soccer viewing area and hipster loitering zone. The place has basically turned into a home where artists, sculptors, photographers and general trendsetters link up to watch the games, cool out and have a blast. Three Stories played host to six different Art Exhibitions, a top class mini-ramp downstairs, HD projector screen upstairs, free-flowing freshly-popped popcorn, a good selection of booze, homemade food, as well as live acts and DJ's rocking out just for kicks'. I played a few different roles over the more than month long event; I DJ'ed a few gigs (like at one of the main Graffiti Exhibitions) as well as helped host a couple fun skateboard events. In addition to my normal photo/jurno antics I was a contributing artist to a few of the exhibitions. During the first week I helped the film crew shoot some great skate footage on the mini-ramp. They strapped a very pricey high end digital SLR to my chest and had me skate the mini-ramp. The footage came out too sick, and i will make sure I get the raw clips from them. But in the mean time here is the short promo video for the event. Enjoy-

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  1. I love skateboarding...
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