Sunday, April 18, 2010

2010 African Wave Art Collective Exhibition w/ vibes provided by DJ Just Be...?

The 2010 African Wave Art Collective Exhibition went down over the end of May. My friend/artist Chris Brehem and I, along with a number of other talented local artists, put on a small group exhibition in Scarborough staring the Ocean. Tons of people pulled through to check out the impressive artwork and the place was packed during the Friday night opening. DJ Just Be...? was dropping the freshest wax and keeping the vibe styling throughout the exhibition.

The work was all top class and it was good to see how the different styles could work together. I did a series of Seascapes particularly for this exhibition, oil on vinyl album covers (I think they came out rad I will def do more in the future).

To see some more images from the exhibition/opening as well as a few of the other artworks that were on display, check out the Slide Show Features I did...

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