Tuesday, April 6, 2010

DJ Just Be...? joins the Cloud!!! The New Spot on the Interweb for the freshest beats and muisc. Sound Cloud

There is this new site called soundcloud.com it's rad for beats, mixes, and music. I uploaded a sweet little live vinyl mix that was recorded on one of those mad Tuesday nights last year at Julip Bar during Swapping Stories, a crazy little weekly sound system jam we had. I will be adding much more stuff soon, I need to compress a few of the tracks/mixes so I can upload them. But here is a good one to keep you going. Check it out, enjoy-

DJ Just Be...? rockin' the 1's and 2's Live @ Julip Bar in Cape Town. With some Blues, Funk, Jazz, Soul, Reggae, and more. A great mix of chilled out vibes, Enjoy-


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