Monday, February 15, 2010

Another Day At The Printers: The Final Stretch Is Here!!!

I went to the Printers twice last week and I'll go through today as well as later in the week. This has gone on for the past six to eight months. They say in the print biz for every ten pages the work and job load grows exponentially, so you can imagine what my 720 page book must have taken to make. But now we are finishing the final stages of the print process. I am printing my book with Formsxpress here in South Africa because I feel it will have more worth having been about, developed, designed, and made here in SA. I will be printing a 1000 (Litho)copies of the First Edition of my book; there will be two different cover variations. Both are limited editions and will be signed as well as individually numbered. In a few weeks I will get the first copies of the Deluxe Edition of the book (The African Luxury Edition designed by Kris Hewitt aka 'Kronk' will follow in a few months). The cover art for the Deluxe Edition was designed by Tyler B. Murphy with a little inspiration from me. There will be only 120 copies and it is looking, "Too Good, Too Good, Fantastic" (to quote Russell Peters).

There will be a Pre-Launch for all the cats involved and a massive Cape Town Launch as well as yes, an After Party for all u socialites and bash animals. Don't fret I'll keep all the people well posted... Safe-

Here is an image of one of the foil stamp blocks we got cut for the Deluxe Edton cover. The other images are a small number of the numerous proof sheets I have to sign off to be plated and prepped for print and a shot or two of some of the the stupidly expensive print equipment that will be used to print my book.


  1. Can't wait to check this book dude. good luck with the printers...gotta love 'em.

  2. Can't wait to see it Jared!
    Will a copy make it to Brooklyn?
    I am happy and proud of you cousin!

    With love,


  3. congratulations,I love this website also Your book will be seen far & wide.miki.

  4. Way to go Jared! You are almost there! I am really looking forward to reading your work! I am so proud of you for following your passions! Keep on keeping on!!!

  5. Lets hope that it will increase the good life