Thursday, September 16, 2010

Re-Cap Winter 2010 Vol. 2

A bit more of what went down while you where away... Enjoy-

Dank+Disko=Sedge Warbler

Dylan and Dame

Sailor Jerry Launch Event

2010 J-Bay Post Comp Magic

Jordy After- J'Bay 2010 (1st WCT Win by A South African Ever!!!)

Jordy Before- Gathering himself prior to one of the biggest heats of his life

Roosta & Saskia have this funny little hand on the mouth ting' going

The Man, The Myth, The Legend Bruce Gold and Princess 'ScooterGirl' Sidekick

Piece from Adidas 'One Night Only' by Cashril +, Black Koki, Tyler B. Murphy

'Let me see you russian prison face' w/ TBM

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