Sunday, April 24, 2011

Buffy Braveart - About as True of an Artist as you get these days

Buffy is not your normal every day Joe, he is like a classic modern day version of Renaissance Painter but with a bit of Lobo or Tank Girl thrown in there.
You don't meet too many cats like that these days...

Here is a bit of his this and that

Ruff' Sketch for Exhibition Flyer

Three Stories - One Night Only
Mixed Media Painting (Co-Lab w/ Mak1one and Bison)

Canvas from a recent solo exhibition

Cover Art for a Trance CD (his old school artwork)

This Photo is a section of the eyes
from a large painting Buffy did of me, it took almost 5 years and 4 other canvases for me to get this piece. Every time he finished a painting for me it would get swooped up by some random collector or gallery before I could link with him to get it. He had this painting hung in his studio for a few months and had to turn down some huge offers for the piece. He told me how the painting almost seem to be looking after him and that it would appear to change mood or feeling from day to day. If you ever get to see the whole painting you will know it was well worth all the time and weight.

Most people will prob. not be able to get hold of him,
for now check out a small sample of his work on FB -


For more work, commissions and information go to -

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