Monday, October 25, 2010

Museum Photographic Art Gallery's Opening Exhibition - The New Landscape

Museum Gallery recently held its opening exhibition (I'm happy to be in) titled THE NEW LANDSCAPE. Which showcased a bold array of works from a number of talented photographers surrounding the interpretation of new landscape both vague and classic. Tons of cats showed up from all walks of life, it was good to see people outside the art scene as well as some heavy hitters. The opening was packed when I arrived despite getting there just after the photo peps' bailed (which is a good thing because most of the time they use me for a banner or something) they do slideshow/features of all the uber cool people that show up at big events. The kind folks at Sailor Jerry (Class Rum 'for those of you late to the ship!) hooked up the gallery proper to keep everyone smiling. It was a rad night to say the least; big up to Dylan Culhane for all his efforts and sorting everything out. The work will be up for a few more weeks so go check it out, this is the Museum-Gallery site for directions and contact info. Here are a few images
I shot at the opening.... Enjoy-

It was a bit of challenge to shoot candid images of people looking at my work but I got a few nice ones.

Greg Beadle the Museum Gallery's Big Boss Man

Tarjei Langeland with his work

Here are a few of the pics' for Sailor Jerry taken by Michael Ellis

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