Sunday, October 17, 2010

Primo Hits South Africa For The First Time and DJ Just Be...? Gives You Free Daisies!!!

DJ Premiere played in Cape Town South Africa @ The Assembly last week. I was amped to be shooting Press/Media for the event, so a few hours before the show I put together a little mix to get hyped. I had seen him a few times before, the last was New Year's 2006 in Las Vegas but he was playing a corp. gig to less than 150 people and was dropping a lot of non HipHop tracks. This time I knew he would play classics, and he did. He dropped mostly his own production to a solid crowd. I shot some top class stills on celluloid and even a short video clip on this little digi' camera I normally use as a dictaphone for interviews. Primo finished around 4am and was still cool enough to let me shoot a portrait on his way out. Here is a link for some free Primo' Daisies and for those of you who missed it, check out the video clip...

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