Thursday, October 13, 2011

DJ Just Be...? Bringin' Da Vibes To NYC in 9-11

I played a few rad gigs' in New York during my recent Missions...

New York New Wave - A Surfrider Foundation, Nouvelle Vague & SMASH Charity Art Event was a highlight for sure

The Bowery Hotel 2nd floor was packed with A-listers and who's who from Surf, Art, Fashion and Music. I opened for MGMT

Cats were really digging on the Punk, Funk, Blues, Reggae and Classic Early NY Hip-Hop...
I dropped 'Plant Rock', some Clash and a few other classics that really got people jamming...
At one point I even checked Slater doing a head-knock!

Here is a link to some images from the night -

I played a few other OG sets at a couple spots you probably will not get into.
So no worries, it will all go down again soon, one of those if you missed it its gone things...
Until Next Time

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