Sunday, October 2, 2011

This is W.I.P. Work In Progress!!! WIP New York Entrance Mural Round 1

WIP New York is one of the newest and freshest clubs in NYC
W.I.P  aka Work In Progress - is a new exclusive club/space in New York City where art, music and everything in between come to play. It is located on the side and kind of under the already well known and established Greenhouse Super Club in Soho, Manhattan.
12 Artist from around the world were asked to work on the space and help start it off right by creating something unique. It officially opens in November but there are soft launches and events happening already. I was in NY doing promotion and a small launch event for my book, Next thing I need to change my ticket back to LA because I want an extra week to rock out on the entrance to this new place that will be slaying New York soon...
I was honored to be given a large area in the entrance. It was used to create a evolving space while I was there working on the mural/instillation. And so was born -
 The Circus Economy Carny Photo Booth
Here are a few images form the beginnings...
I covered the ceiling in one area with "Hello My Name Is" stickers so that fellow creative cats had a place to get up!

People really dug my work and the staff were a cool bunch.
 I shot classic images and portraits, I'm going back next month to do some more. Amped!!!
The last 2 are from Instagram to see more images check out - 
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