Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Coastal Havoc - Part 2 (Winter 2011)

I was blessed with a lot of Jeffrey's for weeks on end. This is what they call 'Booll'Shit' J-Bay in Oz, if you are even lucky enough to witness this magic in real life...
I was able to spend some time with Derek Hynd (who I quoted in the final page of my coffee table book about South Africa). We got to surfed a few gems around the eastern cape and shared some cool times; I even squeezed out a few of his wild ideas on a new board to challenge the norm!
And a Big up to the cool and collected Taylor Claire Miller as well...
J-Bay Bowl 1
J-Bay Bowl 2
J-Bay Bowl 3
Inspired By Derek Hynd, but he made me use my ideas for this finless surfboard to become a reality; Along with the help of 4 totally different surfboard shapers. Behold the DreamWeaver!!! (more on that soon...)
Special Edition HandDrawn Derek Hynd J-Bay Decal for the DreamWeaver
Bruce Gold was an honorary VIP at the J-Bay Book Launch, here he tries to get the last drops out of a very fine bottle of rum, provided by the nice cats at Sailor Jerry.... Big Up!!!
A happy guests at the J-Bay book launch chills' out with a little Sailor Jerry while watching the print video
I played a bit of live background music for the slideshow
One of the talented musician kids that was part of the huge book launch jam session watches the print process video
I made a photo mural of images from the book for people to take with them, this was what made is until the end...
Expressions Book Launch Event at The Surf Cafe in Plett

If you have not seen the Print process video yet here is the link....

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